Stick & Rudder Aviation was founded in 2008 with the mission to provide a unique opportunity to train in the canyons and mountains of Idaho in a well-respected, high-performance tailwheel aircraft.  Stick & Rudder Aviation’s on-going success is due largely in part to it’s close working relationship and support of the aircraft manufacturer Kitfox Aircraft LLC.  Our flight training programs are tailor-made to the individual’s dreams and goals.  Flight training may be obtained for as simple as a biennual flight review to a tailwheel endorsement and on to pilot licensing; culminating with our advanced training specialty of Backcountry Training Tours.


Paul Leadabrand is the founder, corporate managing member and chief flight instructor of Stick & Rudder Aviation.  Paul grew up with flying parents in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and has made a career as a pilot. While his diverse background spans Mountaineer, Search & Rescue instructor, Paramedic, Fire-fighter, Forest Ranger, Para-professional Archaeologist, Law Enforcement officer and White Water Raft guide…he has always been a pilot.


The majority of Paul’s 19,000 hour, 45 year flying career has been in the on-demand charter and corporate segment of general aviation.  His career has included everything from captaining light-jets around the world, to flying air ambulance on dark & stormy nights, to ferrying single-engine aircraft across the Atlantic, to flying llamas and ice-cream into the remote airstrips in the mountain canyons of Idaho. Paul confidently brings the “barnstorming-like” joy of flying back into flight instruction with his safe, common-sense, practical approach.

OTHER INSTRUCTORS:  All trusted peers who also have aviation-careers in the charter, low-level aerial mapping, and airline segments.  Some are full-time instructors with Stick & Rudder Aviation, others help out from time to time for the enjoyment of teaching in such beautiful surroundings and in such a fine aircraft.  These instructors share the same enthusiasm, teaching style and similar experience that Paul has.  Thereby maintaining the consistent, safe, quality flight training Stick & Rudder Aviation prides itself to offer.



Our Greenleaf Air Ranch location in Greenleaf, Idaho is easy to get to from anywhere in the world. All the major airlines provide service to nearby Boise Airport.  There are a vast array of accommodations, restaurants and activities for your co-pilot to enjoy throughout the Treasure Valley area.  See our Trip Planning Guide for recommendations.

Stick & Rudder Aviation operates year-round (winter weather permitting) with the surrounding Treasure Valley being in the rain shadow of the most severe Pacific Northwest storms.  Our moderate, 4 equal seasons offers more blue-sky flying days than not.  Idaho’s 75+ un-paved backcountry airstrips are typically clear of snow April through November.

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