Emmet Municipal Airport
Hangar #54
37 miles (road) Northwest of Boise Airport
Scroll down for directions.



By appointment only.


We typically fly from dawn until dusk with clients and are unable to accept calls.  Submitting the form below is the best way you can reach us.


Stick & Rudder Aviation
P.O. Box 75
Ola, ID 83657

Thank you for your interest in flight training with Stick & Rudder Aviation – towards meeting your flying goals.

With great Kitfox community support, and Kitfox Aircraft factory referrals, the exponential increasing demand for our flight training services – has caused the 2022 schedule to be FILLED through December 15, with few exceptions.  Cancellations are rare, and our standby list interest has reached an unreasonable length. Please feel free to inquire for our fall-only training options, but be prepared for limited options.

Winter weather is typically upon us by late November, covering the Backcountry airstrips in snow until April, at least.  The Wilderness Lodges we support – seasonally close throughout October.  Our multi-day overnight “Backcountry Training Tour” are almost full – with only a few fall opportunities (weather permitting).  A few customizable out & retuning (back to civilization)  day training loops through the Backcountry are available after October 25.

Unless you have the complete flexibility in your schedule and commercial airline travel (around our unpredictable Winter weather) – we typically do not accept reservations from our out-of-state guests past Thanksgiving.  We don’t want you disappointed by spending your precious training time (and travel costs) sitting in a hotel, and watching it snow !

We seasonally minimize our training availability to only ONE part-time instructor, and a Kitfox, after December 15 through February 15 – to allow the instructors time-off for family, and a much needed break from a continuous training schedule.

To prioritize our service to the Kitfox-specific community – we no longer have the availability to offer Tailwheel Endorsements to pilots for other Tailwheel airplane types.  In our experienced opinion, we recommend a Tailwheel Endorsement should be earned in the airplane type one aspires to fly. 

Overnight “Backcountry Training Tours” start again when the snow melts off the airstrips, and the Wilderness Lodges re-open in late May – ONE lodge as early as April.  Our 2022 – pre-reserved “Backcountry Training Tour” windows are listed on our web site “Backcountry” page. Please plan ahead as far as possible for 2023 availability.

We only accept future reservations on our training schedule – upon receipt of our required deposit and signed “Contract for Services”

In regard to sales Demonstration flights… we can continue to offer those throughout 2022 – weather permitting of course, and around our overnight Backcountry Training Tour schedule.  Demonstration flights will typically be scheduled for afternoons / early evenings (after the AM training pilots who already fill the schedule). 

The Kitfox Aircraft factory should be contacted prior, if considering a purchase, to determine production lead times for kits and 100% factory-built S-LSA’s.  Factory tour reservations (Tuesday > Thursday) should be scheduled in the AM prior to our afternoon Demonstration ground schooling and flight.  Or watch their tour video:


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We are confident you will enjoy our Kitfox-specific education and training.


– Please be sure to read the information above, prior to filling and submitting the contact form below –

The more information you provide us, the more detailed response we’ll be able to provide.

Be sure to read through our website first as you may find the answers faster than we’re able to reply.

used for coordination or changes in training times once you arrive
Please note: Our backcountry training, tailwheel endorsements and Kitfox owner training is advanced training for licensed pilots - over 100 hours post license.



  • Program your GPS/navigation to take you to the Emmett Airport: 2000-2428, W Sales Yard Rd. Emmet, ID 83617.
  • Just past the Emmett Municipal Golf Course club house and Chuck Sawyer Field hangar (on Sales Yard Road) – turn right onto the ramp area.
  • Proceed carefully towards the self-serve fueling terminal and towards the parallel taxiway.
  • Then, proceed carefully down the parallel taxiway to the West (Always giving-way to the airplanes).
  • Find Hangar #54 (3 hangars from the West end row).
  • Turn left and park in the gravel between the hangars, next to the OUR Hangar man door.  
    You will see my Grey Toyota pickup with camper shell – parked in front of you (unless you’re early).