The space availability in the Lodges has been already arranged and secured with deposits.

The order of the Lodges has been choreographed to offer a progression of diverse and challenging airstrips and topography to match ones expanding skills.

Sulphur Creek Ranch will be the first night – Minam River Lodge will be the next 2 nights. 

Additional training days and lodges can be arranged to extend the scheduled Backcountry Training Tours.

The (3) days scheduled in advance of the departure for each (3) night (4 day) Backcountry Training Tour – is for Kitfox familiarization and Tailwheel proficiency towards a Tailwheel Endorsement.

If already Tailwheel Endorsed and current, then the Kitfox-specific “TYPE” training might only be 1-2 days in advance of the departure for the Backcountry Training Tour.

Each Backcountry Training Tour has a (2) Kitfox limit with the possibility for 3 Kitfoxes (based on instructor & lodge availability).

A $2000 deposit and signed “Contract for Services” is required to reserve the adventure.

Please return to the Backcountry Training Tour home page for an abundance of preparatory training material.

Visit the “Trip Planning” page for our recommendations for the logistics of your visit.


June 2 – 8
June 16 – 22
June 30 – July 6
July 14 – 20
August 4 – 10
August 18 – 24
September 1 – 7
September 15 -21